The Interior

The Interior

Come and see our two elegant apartments making up the cottage (220 m2). In order to maximise the privacy and quiet of the members of the family or the group staying at the cottage, each apartment is furnished with its own kitchen, a living-room and a fireplace. Both have direct access to the garden and the swimming pool.
La Siesta five double bedrooms and four bathrooms. You could enjoy a little of our Farmhouse mood looking at our gallery, in addition to the following description. Each picture is supplied with a cursor tagline.


The Apartment of the Knights

The Apartment of the Knights is characterized by a wide stone-wall living room with a fireplace and a ten-seat dinner table. The flat is also provided with a nicely decorated bathroom, a wide country kitchen and two double bedrooms, the Old Tappestry Room and the Navy Room. While the Old Tapestry Room offers a beautiful view over the valley, down to the sea, the Navy Room leans on to the garden and from it you can reach directly the swimming pool and is furnished with a comfortable navy desk and bookshelves with interesting books for you to pick and chose.


The Apartment of the Fireplace

This is a three-storeyed apartment. It has a large family room on the higher point of the Farmhouse (the Clock Room) and a double room (the Horse Room) with a large bathroom also warmly decorated. The open country kitchen and dining room is downstairs leaning onto the porch and the garden. There is another double bedroom on the lower floor (the Lawn Room). Each and every bedroom has its own private bathroom with shower or tub.